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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I eat before a massage?
It is best to eat at least 2 hr before your massage session. Your body will not focus on digestion instead of relaxing, also eating right before a massage can cause an upset stomach with all the strokes and pressure on your back.

Are there any restrictions?
Certain conditions may require your physician approval before receiving a massage. These may include high blood pressure, acute inflammation, fever, recent trauma, certain heart condition, as well as, high risk pregnancy.

How much training does a massage therapist receive?
In NYS there are strict regulations regarding educations which includes a minimum of course hours and state board exams. Many schools require the therapists to study anatomy, physiology, medical massage, ethics, clinic and study in various techniques . Other states varies in their requirements.

After the Massage session what do I feel?
After your massage, you may feel deeply relaxed. Take a few moments to rest and enjoy the sensation of well-being. Take your time getting up from the table or mat. If you need assistance, ask your therapist to assist you. You will be left alone to dress. It is very helpful to drink fresh, pure water after your massage to help your body gain equilibrium.

Will the massage be painful?
Some pain or discomfort may or may not be experienced during the session. Pain is an indication of an area that may need more work, or may be cause for referral to a physician. If there is excessive pain, be sure to let your therapist know right away. Techniques can be varied to avoid excessive pain. In general, however, massage is painless and very relaxing.

What kind of Atmosphere is it?
The treatment room may be brightly lit at times, other times it may be dimly lit. There is music playing during your massage treatment. If at any time you find the music or the lighting to be distracting or disturbing, do not hesitate to request that your therapist change it.

What kind of Privacy do I have?
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to your massage therapist and proper draping techniques are used to ensure modesty. Note; that while complete disrobing is not necessary for some techniques, other massage techniques do require contact with the skin and you need only disrobe to
your level of comfort. The choice is all yours.

Are massages reimbursed by insurance?
Most massage therapists do not accept health insurance as payment for service. However, all massage therapists should provide you with a receipt that you may submit to your health insurance provider for reimbursement. Fees are payable at the time of your massage.