Makeup Remover

As promised here are all the products that are in my room either as a display or what i am currently using in my treatment, some of you wanted to know where to get them, so just click on  the picture and it will take you there. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do

Do it yourself

Glass Teapot with

2 flowering Tea

Neem Face Wash

Oil Diffuser

Lymphatic Dry Brush

Strong Hair & Preventing Early Greying

Salt Lamp

Thai Elephant with Baby

Elephant Carved 

Wooden Bowel

Organic Neem Capsule

 To make a purchase of any accessories Please click on thepicture below 

Dancing Shiva

Crystal Lotus 

For Cramps

Frabic Steamer

White Noise with 6 Nature sound settings

Aloe Vera Capsule

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Dr Ohhira's Probiotics

Eye Pillow with Herbs

Flameless Candles